Part of Lyric Harmony

The Charms of Isabel


Fair is the Swan the Ermine white
and fair the Lilly of the Vale,
the moon resplendent Queen of Night
and Snows that drive before the Gale.
In Fairness these the rest excell
But fairer is my Isabel.

Sweet is the Vi'let, Sweet the Rose,
And sweet the Morning Beath of May,
Carnations rich their sweets disclose,
And sweet the winding Woodbines stray.
In sweetness these the reat excell;
But sweeter is my Isabel.

Constant Poets call the Dove,
And am'rous they the Sparrow call,
Fond is the sky lark of his Love,
And fond the feather'd Lovers all:
In fondness these the rest excell;
But fonder I of Isabel.