Part of Lyric Harmony

CLOE Generous as Fair

NB In accompanying this Air on the Harpsichord, the Cords on the Notes following the Quaver Rests in ye Bass are to be struck on the rests to fill up the vacancy as the Performer will see by the Figuring. and the Air must be play'd as fast as a Performer on the Violoncello can catch the Bass Notes without Confusion.

(Siciliano ma non Largo)

When Cloe shines serenely gay
O how Love's Goddess she out vies
How on her Lips the Graces play
and Cupids wanton in her Eyes.
What soft delight her smiles impart
what Rapture does young Damon feel
when thus she ravishes my Heart
with Joys too mighty to reveal.

The vain, conceited of her Sex
Treat with contempt the Lover's Pain;
Fondly delight to Tease, perplex,
And triumph o'er a dying Swain.
But Chloe has a Heav'nly mind,
A Soul that's gen'rous, great and brave;
Who conquers only conquers only to be kind,
And makes it her delight to save.