Part of Lyric Harmony

To a Lady, who, being ask'd by her Lover for a Token of her Constancy, gave him a Knife.


While all your thoughts on Martio rove,
and Sighs are wasted o'er the Sea;
This Gift denotes your fading Love,
denotes you lost to me.


Once Damon's touch your senses charm'd,
your mantling Blood in Torrents flow'd,
No common flame our Bosoms warm'd
with mutual Fires we glow'd.

(The two following Verses are Sung to the 1st movement without playing the Symphony before it)

But now your Blood grown slow and cold
Answers no more my beating Heart,
This Gift was needless to unfold
Poor Damon's Fate: We Part.

'Tis Death alone can cure despair;
My Eyes no more my pangs shall feed;
Behold the Knife! Start not my Fair:
'Tis only I shall bleed.