Part of Lyric Harmony

The RETORT Set by Mr.Arne, Sung by Mr.Love at Vauxhall.

(Moderately quick)

Ye Fair from Man's insidious Love,
Your tender hearts defend:
Left the mistaken Bliss ye prove,
but Sorrow in the End;

Thro' Reason scan each artfull Man,
nor trust your Ear or Eye,
Young Maids beware Men fish ensnare,
with artificial Fly.

With Looks as fair as Summer Flow'rs,
Soft Words like Honey sweet,
And tears that fall in gentle Show'rs,
Your Pity they'll intreat;
Mere common Arts to catch your Hearts,
Each foible to descry;
Young Maids beware &c.

The honest Clown that plows the Land,
In Love is all a Cheat;
And Monarchs born to high Command,
Well, know the dear Deceit,
In Love's sly Tricks and Politics,
A Promise is a Lye;
Young Maids beware &c.

'Were Clods of Earth all animate,
Each Blade of Grass a Tongue,
'Twou'd waste their Moisture to relate
The Mischiefs Men have done;
Then guard your Hearts from Cupid's Darts,
And all the Sex defy;
Young Maids beware, Men Fish ensnare,
With artificial Fly