The Laugh

Sung by Mr. Vernon at Vauxhall Gardens

Since Pleasure's in fashion and Life's but a jest,
In spite of misfortunes I'll laugh with the best,
Let the dull, who repute it a weakness to smile,
Araign my opinion my morals revile.
While i know that my bosom is free from a flaw.
I'll keep up the chorus of Ha ha ha ha!

Determin'd to leap o'er the bar of controul,
No rivet shall close up my freedom of Soul,
If care or ill nature shou'd come in my reach,
And foaming with rage like a Methodist Preach,
While i know that my bosom is free from a flaw,
I'll trip up their heels and cry Ha ha ha ha.

To be happy, i'll laugh, as the minutes advance;
Mirth, play thou the fiddle, I warrant I'll dance;
But sweeter the music with float on the air,
If LUCY, my sweet temper'd LUCY be there;
She, knowing my bosom quite free from a flaw,
Will join the sweet tune of love's Ha ha ha ha.

I'll laugh thro' the world in defiance of strife,
For laughter's an oil to the sallad of life,
It makes Daddy time, as he passes in haste,
Look over his shoulder, and long for a taste,
Then, friends, while your bosoms are free from a flaw,
Swell round the gay chorus of Ha ha ha ha.