Vauxhall Pleasure

Anna Best and Paul Whitty, 2004

Vauxhall Pleasure is a multi-part protest piece. For the performance at Tate Britain, Eighteenth Century music and field recordings from the complex road junction at Vauxhall Cross which covers part of the original site of the Pleasure Gardens- will form the basis of a new sound composition. The piece creates a dissonant sonic history of Vauxhall now and then: the Arcadian songs of Thomas Arne and his contemporaries, polluted by the noise and rhythm of heavy city traffic at the site today.

Museum of Garden History

Tempered Ground
July 1st to August 31

video installation “Roads for Prosperity and Progress” (1994) by Anna Best with Jules Mylius and audio piece “Dr. Arne at Vauxhall Cross”¬ (2004) by Paul Whitty.
Tempered Ground is curated by Danielle Arnaud, Jordan Kaplan and Philip Norman.
Catalogue available.

Free entrance, open daily 10.30 am until 5pm

Tate Britain

Late at Tate
Friday 6 August

2 performances with audio recordings and a live chamber ensemble
times: 7.30 and 8.30pm (each 27 minutes)
part of Late at Tate, curated by Catherine Wood, Tate Live
Free – no ticket required

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