Say, hast thou seen the snowdrop cold

Sung by Miss Brent at Vaux-hall

Say, hast thou seen the snowdrop cold,
its maiden whiteness first unfold,
Or seen at morn, the crimson dye,
soft stealing o'er yon eastern sky.
By that my fair one's spotless mind,
by this her face is best defin'd,
These charmrlet Fancy's aid improve,
then happy, thou hast seen my Love.

Hast thou e'er heard, on yonder spray,
The linnet wake her tuneful lay,
Or heard the Lrk, high rais'd in air,
Pour his glad note into the ear,
Or listen'd while, some streamalong,
Sweet PHILOMELA tun'd her song,
Or swell'd it thro the silent grove,
Then happy Thou hast heard my Love.

Say, did the musk rose e'er dispense,
Its fragrance to thy ravish'd sense,
Or say what time the joyfull earth,
Calls forth a fresh each fruit to birth.
Say did the Nectrine then e'er feast,
With balmy sweets they raptur'd taste,
Then may'st thou guess, but never prove
How sweet the lip of her i love.